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Aim & Objective of the organization

  • To operate educational Institutions in the rural Areas (Hindi and English medium) in the name of SHRUSHTI VIHAR, in which priority will be given to the students belonging to poor and tribal families.
  • To generate public awareness towards education in rural Area. To impart technical, vocational and self employment generating education. To educate illiterates and young children. To establish Libraries/Reading room in the rural Areas.
  • To impart science education, environment education, Health education, Population education, Agriculture education and Computer education to the people belonging to SC, ST and Backward classes and economically deprived people.
  • To organize fair, seminar, essay, debate, drawing competitions etc. related to environment, Science and agriculture.
  • To full fill curiosity of the student and villagers by magic’s shows related to science etc., will be organized in different schools and In our rural units of rural Area.
  • In order to identify the rural and tribal talent in games, tournaments will be organized and also guidance and promotion, for higher performances in the games will be given by the organization. Organization will ensure availability of games material to economically backward poor players.

Rural Development:-
  • To educate illiterates, poor person belonging to SC, ST and other backward classes and women in the areas of Human Rights, Consumer Rights and their Constitutional Rights.
  • Villagers and Tribal people will be made aware of the Land, ground water and environment conservation benefits, spread over the remote areas of the villages. Such people will also be made acquainted with the Govt. policies regarding tree Plantation, Mining and Forest activities.
  • To provide Legal assistance, against child labour, bonded labours, atrocities-exploitation and distinction towards women.
  • To organize Legal assistance camps in backward rural areas in order to guide the people to solve their problems and get justice.
  • In order to make rural poor people, economically self reliance constructive activities will be organized in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. New techniques for farmers will be introduces in the areas of cash crops such as Amala, Mushroom, Musali etc. Industrial Trainings such as – sewing, embroidery, handicrafts, computer training etc. will be organized to make them skilled.

  • To search for available medicinal herbal plants, to do some research work on them and publish their utilities. Tribal people will be helped and encouraged to produce such medicinal plants and protect wild lives.
  • To begin with Research work and make available of certified information to the people, regarding astrology, astronomy, Tantra-Mantra Science, Ayurved Science, Yoga and spiritual science.
  • To organize Research time to time and make working plans based on the results of Research, in the areas of Social Issues, Tribal development, herbal Plants and wild lives etc.
  • Plans for innovations in the field of Education.

  • To encourage people to get maximum benefits from Govt. Schemes, Such as-Pulse Polio, Family welfare, Adult Education, Formal Education, Non-formal Education etc. and encourage people in Eye-donation and Blood donations.
  • Try to provide availability of Hospital services in our small rural units and eradicate the problems of drinking water. People will be acquainted how to take safety measures against Aids.
  • To encourage people to fight against habits of smoking, Liquor and addiction to intoxicative materials and building environment against such habits.
  • Help effected people is leprosy, accidental cases, handicapped case and Natural disasters (hazards) such as Flood, Draught, Earthquakes, fire etc.

  • To involve old aged people in constructive works and establish Day Care Centers for them.
  • To acquaint people belonging to rural areas, about the importance of utility of Gobar gas, solar energy etc. and helps them to get these equipments.
  • To generate interest in the people about Conservation of Religious Centers, Historical buildings and construction of Hospital, Inn, Ponds for irrigation, Community Centers, Roads will be made in the public interest, etc.
  • Conservation of cultural heritage and making availability of national and International forum for Art and Culture.
  • All those works, related with the public interests in future will also be connected with this organization.