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SOUL Program (Sustainable Options for Uplifting Livelihood)

To reduce the vulnerabilities associated with poverty and livelihood of marginalized families and youths, SHRUSHTI in collaboration with IGSSS, New Delhi has come up with the project “Sustainable Option for Uplifting Livelihood” Program in 10 village of Badi Sadari block of Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. The basic objective of this program is to -

  • Reduce the food insecurity of the families by promoting farm based and non-farm based economic activities and facilitating them to access government social security benefits.
  • Reduce the climate change vulnerability by promoting judicious management of natural resources and developing models based on best practices for adaptation.
  • Strengthen community based organizations to participate in the local governance and develop micro-plan of villages around the felt issues

The region has high migration of youths from villages to cities to work as unskilled labors. Due to poor literacy rates and lack of opportunities adults along with entire households migrates to other parts of the country like Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Surat to work in tea shops, malls, construction sites etc. The project is targeting mostly the schedule tribes and other deprived and marginalized population in the area. The focus is on house- holds with small land holding size, single women headed families, house -holds with special children and the most vulnerable section. In total 500 families from 10 villages of the Badi Sadari block is directly benefitted with the project and more than 1200 community members are benefitting by the project through various trainings for capacity building, model replication, technology transfer etc.