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Shrushti Seva Samiti with support of IGSSS has successfully implemented a Project -PEARL (People's Empowerment for Accessing Rights to Livelihood) in 25 villages spread over 13 GPs of Sagwara Block of Dungarpur District. The Project's Goal was aimed at poverty reduction by generating sustainable livelihood opportunities for Tribal Youth & socially and economically marginalized families through right based approach.

The project objective was to create enabling environment for exercise of community rights over land, forest and water resources and to increase bargaining power of community in villages. And this was achieved successfully through vibrant, democratic, functional Institutional Set-up (CBO’s) that believed and lived rights based approach.

During Project period Shrushti has formed around 125 CBO’s, with different segment of the community with their specific objectives. These CBO’s has fallen into four categories which are Community Action Group (CAG), Kisan Group, Youth Club and Self Help Groups (SHG’s). The common purpose of these CBO’s is to access their rights for livelihood enhancement.

All 125 CBO’s has divided in four clusters which leading by a Federation name “VAGAD ACTION GROUP”. This federation has total membership of around 1500 people which involved women’s, men and youth (Boys & girls) of the tribal community. The purpose behind forming federation is to provide strength to their voices so that they can access their rights at ease.

Purpose of forming Federation of CBO’s:-

The purpose behind creating a CBO’s, is to create leadership skill in the community, so they can take stand for their own people and Federation “VAGAD ACTION GROUP” is an extension, to provide them a bigger platform where they have support of other community members, who might not facing the same problems. In proper guidance federation can raise various social issues or problems and can negotiate with government to get proper solution which accepted by all.

Present Scenario:-

After completion of PEARL Project , Shrushti Seva Samiti took responsibility to continue their support to VAGAD Action group. They organize monthly meetings at village and cluster level. SHRUSHTI guide them regularly in formalizing and implementing their activities. SHRUSHTI Provide all possible support, which is best in their capacity.

Detail of CBO Under Federation-VAGAD ACTION GROUP :-

Through Federation “Vagad Action Group” around 1500 people associated and benefitted directly and indirectly is touches the life of around 7,500 peoples in the region.

S. No. Particular Block District No. of CBO's Members Associated Population Benifited
1 SHG Sagawada Dungarpur 66 754 3770
2 CAG Sagawada Dungarpur 25 322 1610
3 Kisan Group Sagawada Dungarpur 25 295 1475
4 Youth Club Sagawada Dungarpur 9 135 675
Total 125 1506 7530