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Why you should join the mission

To promote understanding of issues related to health, education, gender equity, and socio-economic development through awareness generation and capacity building initiatives.

Health Benefits

Our organization supports hospitals by providing them ambulances, medical equipments, and things like furniture, coolers, fridge etc.


Education is perhaps the most potent instrument of social change. We have been running two self-financed primary school, and have run hostel..


Livelihood of tribal people in South Rajasthan is directly dependent on the veracity and productivity of local natural resources.

Women Empowerment

The third millennium development goal states “Promote gender equality & promote women empowerment”.

Empowerment of PWD's

With the financial support of GAIL India we have provided Tri-cycle to PWD candidate to mobilize them, and have organized several educations camps for children..


We construct boundary walls for schools, Panghat, Veri (small wells) drinking water tank for animals where these facilities are needed the most.

Our Vision

Shrushti Seva Samiti reflects and shares a vision of “an equal and just society where the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society effectively participate in the development process leading to control over their resources”.